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Awww I can't believe I already finished the demo. I was really enjoying the game a lot! Can't wait for the full release <3


I love the concept! looking forward to the full release! ♡^▽^♡


this is so cute, it really has that classic otome feel to it i think. the writing is silly and charming, and i like ciel/yuna's attitude. she's so clumsy and haphazard, i think its really cute haha. im really interested in the world, and yuna not recognizing it and having to hide her general confusion/incompetence is really fun to watch while exploring the world itself. also, the comic style cutscenes are very cute.

i noticed some graphical glitches (mainly in ciel's room. the intractable assets wont show at night, i think). walking through tiles that are supposed to be like, windows, walls, decorative stuff is a big one.

personally, i like the uhm. "right choice indicator" for lack of better word. most games that have them have an option to turn them off as well. it's not a big thing, just something to consider.

that's all i rlly have to say. i wish i could kiss pietra she is very cute. im excited to see the rest of this game :-)

This was absolutley amazing. I'm so so so excited for the complete game.

I completley reccomend it for people looking for a nice story, with nice graphics and world building and etc.


I am also so excited to see what the fortune teller beholds.

Aswell as what happens after rozenbleu gets kicked out of the team.

I also believe that Altair is saint Altair, particularally because he came out of nowhere when Rozenbleu was a lost soul. Which the saint was described as helping lost souls find their way in life. I don't know though, but that is what i am theorizing early on. Anyways, amazing game once again!

I love the art, can't wait to play the complete game

AAAh that was really fun ! The arts are fantastic and the story is appealing! I'm in love with everyone, that's going to be a hard pick haha. Can't wait for the completed game! :D


i just started this game but i dont know how to go back like if i accidently skip some dialogue the backspace key doesn't work


Amazing demo I can't wait to play the completed game!!! When we can expect the official release?


I just finished the demo and I loved it!! I was really surprised to see that the demo ended in a cliffhanger ;-;  I'm excited for the game to come out im practically dying to play itt. Good job on the game I like the comic book style kinda scenes ^^




I'm very excited after playing the demo hope is finished soon :3


I came here to check out your main proyect after finishing Heart a la mode, and that blond boy caught my attention, I NOW REMEMBER WHY HAHAHAH, hes name was something that you can't easily forget so I rememberd him from that game, awesome detail <3


Glad you noticed (and enjoyed) my sneaky promo! Super happy that you checked out both my projects, thanks for the support <3

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I don't usually play demos because I prefer to wait for the final product, but I decided to give it a go! I wasn't disappointed at all. I like the exploration factors of this game. It's also comedic at times and the story has interested me a lot! All of the characters seem cool. I'm especially interested in Altair... he's a very confusing guy.

Spoilers portion!

Wondering if Altair truly is the saint that was mentioned. Not something I'd expect from him...but I mean, he does have the looks for it haha. (Personality...not so much). I wonder what the relations between Ciel and Caius were before this bodyswap...and the more I found out about the old Ciel, the more intrigued I became. Kiel is frickin cute :') but also he's hurting my heart over here. Ciel's trying her best...she can't do much about her current situation except try to adapt. As for the other two ML's...I have no opinion on them so far since Dante hasn't appeared yet, and Rigel...
No offense, but I'm not sure how to feel about the age gap between Rigel and Ciel. I suppose it's the same for Altair since his age is unknown...but I feel like that's a different case since I imagine he's a god of some sort. (Saint? Or maybe even the actual god of the world- haha idk). I'll have to wait and see if my view of this changes. He has been nothing but kind, I'm just unsure about how a romance between the two would work. 
I haven't mentioned it yet, but the art is absolutely beautiful! I really like the choice of having little comic scenes. They're funny and easy to follow along! Hope to see more of them in the main game. Another hope is that I'll get to see badass Ciel! She's adapting surprisingly well, but I hope to see her get a grasp on magic and kick some ass. Currently, I feel bad for her especially after she got scolded multiple times. It's not the poor girl's fault! (Well it sort of is, but I don't believe it would've been right to abandon whatever duties the old Ciel had). Also, I'm interested in the ?ball? that was hinted at. Hoping that we'll be able to see that! Ball/party scenes have a special place in my heart, so I can't wait!
And small things! I interacted with all of the NPCs. All of them. They had some funny dialogue. Some of the dialogues were heartwarming too. I liked interacting with everyone even though it's such a small thing, those interactions were well done (ahem...strange lady in the church. your fanfiction was very...descriptive. I truly hope your lips never come near Caius)
Lastly, please take your time!! I hope that no one on the team gets too burnt out from the workload! Health comes first. Thank you for such a great game and I can't wait for the final product! :D


Hi!! Thank you so much for your long & detailed comment >< We’re so glad to hear that you picked up on all of the ideas we tried to put in, its almost like you read our minds!!! (Like about Ciel and her obligation to do her duties in this world etc etc)Its also so cool that u read through all of the npc dialogue, we’re hoping to have the npcs relay ~important world related information in the future (and of course act as comic relief too ^^) You’ll definitely see * a bit * more of Dante in the next demo huhu… but yeah Altair and Kiel have definitely been leaving the best impression for most people so far ^^; Altair is a mysterious little punk but thats what makes him loveable. Thanks for playing, your comment rly gives us  fuel to keep going! I hope you’ll enjoy the next installment even more :D


Hello! This game looks stunning, however, i was wondering if the full version will be out by 2022?^^


hey there! Thank you so much for enjoying the demo! Unfortunately that’s a definite no because we have lots of irl commitments so we’re currently on hiatus, but we’ll try our best to release the extended demo asap


Wow! Sounds amazing! Now I'm itching to play the full game.. I wish you the best of luck :))

thank you so much ^^ 


Hi there, just wanted to say that the demo is super charming and unique :D I'm very curious about how our 'dialogue' choices are gonna play it out since the game's engine is RPG Maker.

It would be cool if we got 3 responses that vary from 'formal/business like - playful/silly - kind/gentle' options even if they don't hold up weight for the sake of interesting interactions (like the Persona games)

I also had the popular "Furniture turns into random png's textures" thing happen during  Altair's whole "C'moon go explore, find smth interesting" talk which was pretty funny, like "Is that interesting enough for you??"

About the charas, I think Ciel, Kiel, and Altair took the cake in the demo! I look forward to seeing more of Caius and Rigel's personalities as I can't make a judgment of them yet


Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for your lovely and comprehensive comment! We will take your suggestion on the personality type thing in consideration, we are definitely planning to put some flavor choices but because Ciel isn’t meant to be a completely self insert heroine she does have a base persoanlity. We will try to add more variation to the options though! We’re glad you enjoy the game so far :) 

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Understandable! I mainly meant two or three lines that can make us learn more from the characters without affecting the story, something in which we can learn silly stuff and give the game a little replayability. I'm glad my suggestion may be taken, looking forward to the game!

Edit: Omg, my reply sent twice, I-

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Is there a full version?  'cause i'm in loooveeee


thanks for liking our game! This is only the demo version and full version is still in development :D we sometimes post updates on our Twitter @fishattic_otome so you can follow us to keep track :)


This demo was super enjoyable! It's great to see an otome that actually has some gameplay in it. I like pure visual novels, but they can be a bit repetitive to replay for other routes. The art style is also really pretty, especially the CG's. The choice to use comic panels for more important scenes was pretty cool too. The writing and story have been really enjoyable as well. I'm super excited to see where you take this project!


thank you so much for the comment, your support means a lot to us! I totally agree with you that pure  visual novels can get a little dry as much as I like them (I often find myself falling asleep oops ) so I was hoping stand by me would give the player more things to do while enjoying the story :) we’re glad you enjoyed it and we will continue to keep at it! 


The game is fun! I'm a long-time RPG Maker game player, so I really love an otome game in this style! 

By the way, I noticed that there's a bunch of weird mapping issues. I can walk on the walls on the church???

 Sometimes, the furniture disappear from Ciel's room:

Also when I exit the bedroom, instead of appearing at the door, I was sent to the middle of the hallway. That is not a problem, but it just seems weird.

And I forgot to take screenshots but sometimes I can walk off the sides of the stairs in the castle (when there's no handrails). I think there's passability mode mistakes. 

Anyway, I like the art and the game. The plot seems nice so far. I can't help but wonder why she can't just say "I lost my memory after waking up" ahaha, maybe it would've helped her not have to play pretend. But I look forward to future updates.

PS: Are you guys from Indo? Singapore? Somewhere else in the South East Asia region? Or at least the player character is kinda from that area-ish? Since Ciel/Player said they're from the tropics... and sees fried rice a lot :P

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hey there! Thanks for trying out our demo and posting such a long comment! We appreciate it!

With regards to the errors you pointed out, this demo is actually pretty outdated bc I ended up changing a lot of the maps ahaha. Eventually when we release the new version I will make sure to check the passability properly and will definitely double check the problems you’ve pointed out! also it seems like we’ve also managed to fix that bug in ciels room where the furniture disappears so don’t worry too much about that for now :D sadly we can’t reupload bc we’re still in the process of changing stuff and it’s not time yet.

also OMG regarding the transportation error... I actually uploaded a buggy copy by accident and in that period of time before it was replaced just one person downloaded it!! I guess that person was you T_T so sorry about that I hope it wasn’t too much of an annoyance 

Lastly regarding the memory loss point: we’ve already taken this plot hole into consideration and are in the process of modifying some scenes to make it more obvious why she didn’t want to say that initially so HOPEFULLY her thought process will be justified by the time that we’re done! All in all we’re glad to hear you enjoy the concept of our game despite the bugs and we hope you will continue to support our project down the line :))

p.s: yes we are from Singapore I was so shocked that someone actually managed to figure that out 😱 I assume you’re from Indonesia cos you put that first? If so, nice to meet you fellow southeast Asian!


Oh, I see. The demo is old/buggy :O The teleportation weirdness is not a big deal. And all the mapping errors mostly just looks strange, but not an issue with gameplay.  The game/story itself is mostly fine :D Although I did think the maps feels too big/wide? I had to activate the dash mode because walking around takes too long >_< 

I like all the artwork. The comic-style scenes are amazing. And when you use the animation effects on them, it makes it even more "alive". It's amazing the stuff you can do with RPG Maker these days LOL. The last time I tried using it was the Rpg Maker VX era (a decade ago!!)

Also, yes, I'm from Indonesia XD I clicked the fire place and Ciel/Player said she's from somewhere that is summer all year long. Not to mention the fried rice reminding her of home, ahahaha. Sounds like the SEA area, though I just made a wild guess about the country. I was a little unsure too. Like what if that's just the character talking, and it has nothing to do with you (the creator)? XD

Oh yeah I do think the maps are pretty big but I thought it was necessary to convey the size of certain locations (shopping district housing district and castle especially!) I also switch on dash mode permanently lol >< I’m really glad you like the artwork! Though even that is going to be revamped cos I  think I’ve improved from then. I hope you’ll still enjoy my newer versions  :)

it’s super cool that you’re from SEA too! Surprisingly there are quite a lot of otome fans in the SEA region on the internet in general but I don’t rlly know many personally in Singapore, so it’s nice to know one of our players are from around here too :D Ciel’s home country is meant to be left vague so any player can imagine where she’s from but we couldn’t resist putting in some form of reference HAHA



This is what I've been looking for, I haven't started playing yet but I've been looking for otome games that aren't visual novel heavy since I rarely have the patience to read the same plot over and over again. Can't wait to play this C:

I'll prob def buy this if it ever is completed! 

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :D
If you get around to trying it, we'd love to hear if this amount of gameplay matched up to your expectations! It's still a mostly plot heavy game, though.

Also, the final release is planned to be free, but we are likely to start a kickstarter at some point. We'll be grateful for your support if/when the time comes :)


I came here to play an otome visual novel after not playing any for some time and I can say that I don't regret it lol. The plot itself is very interesting and I found myself getting immersed with the story. I was pretty sad when I saw the credits, a perfect cliffhanger to make many wait lol. But the ending made me so worried for new Ciel :,)), I hope Kiel recovers soon! I am pretty confident your game will turn out to be wonderful. 10/10 the music fits nicely and the art was just amazing too. I'd totally recommend it to anyone. Do you have a rough estimation on how much left there is to finish before you release the final? Keep up the good work ^0^ <33

On a side note, if I remembered clearly there was a typo in the original Ciel's diary where it was like "practise" instead of "practice."

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Thank you so much for your super nice comment!!!  We were both really happy when we read your review and we appreciate the time you took to do so :’)

Regarding how long it’ll take, I’m afraid that there’s still a pretty long way to go. We haven’t finished the common route just yet (~60%) and currently we’re a little busy with other commitments (for me, I’m illustrating for a side otome jam project rn and fallent is kinda busy with life in general)

We do have every intention to FINISH it in around 3 years but as of now we are working toward releasing a second demo which will feature the entire common route alongside many many changes that we’ve already made (including map overhauls/ improvements, new features and script edits etc.) so look forward to that! The estimated release for the new, much longer demo is in 1-2 years hopefully, alongside a planned Kickstarter. 

Thank you again for your comment ( I’ll make sure to review the error u pointed out! ) and don’t worry, kiel will be okay :^)


I am in love with this game and I almost cried when I reached the credits. I totally thought I had at least until Dante first appearing before the demo ended. What a cliffhanger! Poor new Ciel. Poor Kiel! I especially adore the little comic sections of the game, like the training ground event with Kiel. Such a unique spin on the game! And the graphics and characters are gorgeous. You guys should be really proud of yourselves for creating such a masterpiece. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update!


Hi! Thank you so much for the lovely comment <33 We’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed our demo so much >,< (poor Ciel indeed but poor Kiel for having to deal with her TT ) Unfortunately we couldn’t stick Dante into the demo but he’ll most likely make an appearance in the next (longer) demo!  Thank you for your support!! ^^


Haha Kiel might be the first guy I romance just because he has to put up with new Ciel at first! Now, for my feedback about possible bugs and stuff! You already know about the furniture in Ciel's room. There were some cases where I could walk on walls/roofs and stuff, like in the toy shop and down on the houses on that street, and for the Affection menu usually only Rigel's character was shown. And in the child version of the religious book, there's a typo where it says deperate instead of desperate I believe. I don't know if you already know about all that but I do hope this helps! Thanks again for such a wonderful game! <3<3

thanks so much for the input! We will definitely look into a new affection menu because we noticed that bug too, for some reason the images load rather slowly.. instead we might implement some sort of fancier image based menu :)

As for the maps, I have updated and revamped them in entirety so the old shopping district/housing district/shops are gone lol 😂 I’ll take care to check the passability settings when I do another play through, sorry about the oversight ^^;

also I totally didn’t notice the typo at all! Thanks so much for telling us, we will make sure to fix it:)) We really appreciate your efforts in identifying possible bugs and the time you took to comment on our game :’)  its comments like yours that keep us going! <3


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! The story telling is really fluid not to mention the game mechanics. Can't wait to play the whole thing. I've already replayed the demo so many times!

hii thank you so much for your really kind comment !!!!! We are super moved that you’ve actually replayed our demo more than once ;-; thank youu! We will work hard toward completing the full thing :) if you have any detailed feedback regarding points of improvement or just general observations do let us know! 


Oh my gosh!! Such a great concept! Can't wait for more =) Absolutely LOVE IT

thank you!!! ><


I'm delighted, loving it🥰, this game looks so promising, please continue. And thanks for the dedication. I always wanted to play otome with Rpg elements. 🤩

thank you so much for your lovely comment! <3  we are working hard on it, and the RPG elements will be even more defined when we’re done ^^ hehe

this demo looks great! how much are you planning on pricing this game once fully released?


Hi, thank you so much for your interest!The final release will be free :) 

i really loved the demo! looking forward to seeing the full game <3

kiel is definitely my favorite out of the LI's so far! i just have a thing for tsunderes for some reason ahaha-


Hi!! Thank you so much for your kind feedback!!! I’m a huge tsundere fan too and kiel is also my favourite <3 I am glad that he is receiving ur love and I look forward to releasing his route in the full version >< 

Hey ! I'm a French player, and I was thinking that your game seems wonderful, and I wanted to ask if you will add more languages. Like... French for example x)

Because I really want to play, but I won't understand anything

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our game :D

Unfortunately, we're a really small team and we don't have plans to translate our game into other languages at the moment. Maybe in the future, if there's an audience for it!


hey there! i've just recently downloaded this and i wanted to say the demo has been amazing so far. i'm really excited to see where this goes, especially since it's very rare for me to see an RPG with female protag + otome features. 

The only issue I seem to have is that there seems to be a bug(?) when I'm trying to complete the 'Explore Farin' quest. When I go to the church, the game freezes during a dialogue with the priest. I use windows, if that helps with anything. 

Hey! Thanks for playing our demo and its great to hear such positive feedback! I'm sorry to hear that the game is freezing for you though :( Could you elaborate on the bug, such as which line of dialogue it froze at if you can remember? Were you unable to continue the game after it froze as well? We'll try to get it fixed asap!


If I remember correctly, I think it was on the second dialogue after Ciel spoke (So, the priest spoke first and then Ciel. The game froze when it was the priest spoke again on his second dialogue). And yes, I had to restart the game to continue playing. I hope this helps!

thank you for your response! We will look into it :) 


An otomege with rpg element, isekai setting, and made with rpg maker? Finally I've been waiting for more rpg otome! TuTb overall the demo was really fun and ended in a good part (?) kiel though ;;;;;; Keep up the good work and can't wait for the full release!

Still, I found several bugs or glitches? everytime I tried to open the menu in ciel's room and you can walk past the wall outside the tileset in the shopping district part.


Hey!! We're really glad you enjoyed the demo and thank you for making the time to pen down your thoughts. That's really sweet of you :) <3

About the glitches, we are actually aware of the menu in ciel's room issue where everything disappears, we are still working on fixing it and figuring out the source of the problem. Hopefully by the extended demo it will no longer be an issue. Thank you so much for pointing out the shopping district passibility issues, though! We're sorry we missed it in the build we uploaded but rest assured, it has been fixed (I hope you were referring to the problem where you can pass through the bottom row houses and some objects in the top row, if there;s anything else do let me know.)

Finally, just to clarify whether you found anymore glitches as you mentioned several? It would be super helpful if you could let us know! Otherwise, we are really grateful for your help and will work hard on our next release!! If you have any other thoughts on the game, the characters or otherwise, do let us know anytime! ^^

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Edit: Nevermind. I just forgot that ONE librarian guy. Lol. Sorry for bothering you.


Can you give me a pointer for a quest? I'm stuck with the "Explore Farin" quest. I can't finish exploring the castle. I spoke to everyone in the castle, visited every room that I can enter, except the throne room and the left room in the corner. It seem to be locked. Is there a trick to it?

Don't worry about it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the demo~


I loved it!! Can't wait to continue the story. There is not nearly enough isekai otome games (avaliable in English at least).  

All the characters are really likable but my favorite has to be Altair, even though he is infuriating lol 

thank you for playing our demo !! 🥰 Altair is a solid choice, he may be infuriating but it’s always more fun to see how such characters start falling for you >< I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and we’ll work hard to get the full story out! 


LOVE the demo and very much looking forward to the full game!

thank you so much >< <3

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I love love love the isekai genre and I was literally just thinking about how cool it would be if a game like that came out \. thank you for all of your hard work <3


thank you for the sweet comment <3 


I was just wondering if you guys have a tumblr or a discord to follow for update and stuff. I love all the boys (especially the sassy and pragmatic Altair)  although Caius is a bit sus. Then again he is the king in an isekai game, being sus is like breathing to him XD


As of now, we only have a Twitter which we update regularly: so do follow us on there >< Also your comment made me laugh HAHAHA I hope Caius being sus isn't a dealbreaker ¬‿¬    


I've been searching for games with a story like this for ages! Love the demo!!

thank you!!! We’re glad you enjoyed yourself ^^

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I enjoyed this, I can see it being the start of something really good! I just hope that the MC actually gets powerful and badass. 

One note for improvement: Being able to see the log of the text, I accidently held down the spacebar and missed some dialog and then wasn't able to see what I had missed. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for your feedback >< We’ll do our best to live up to your expectations (and don’t worry! MC does become much stronger after she completes a rigorous period of magic training!!) 

Regarding the text backlog, we do have our eyes on a plugin that can do just that, and we plan to implement it in the final version :^) 

Once again, thank you for playing!! It really means a lot to us <3


I absolutely loved this demo.
The game is so cute !!! And I'm in LOVE with Kiel. I can't resist tsundere twinks.
I can't wait for Ciel to learn to use magic properly and protect this baby (and/or beat his ass in training :p)

But in general, all LI's are interesting!
I'm a little suspicious of Caius, he looks like someone that hides their true nature behind a handsome smile....
Or I may be thinking too much, who knows! lol
I'm really excited for the full game, dating everyone will be a pleasure.

The game is totally charming!!! Speaking of glitches, I think I just have to point out about some of the textures (?) that suddenly disappear sometimes (in Ciel's room and in the forest), other than that, everything is perfect.
(I also admit that I got a little lost in the last quest in the forest haha).

But you guys are doing a good job !! The art of the game is wonderful! Both the CG's and the comics in the fights are lovely.

Thank you for creating a game that mixes two things I love the most.

Keep up the good work <3

Hi! Firstly, thank you for your comment!! I'm glad you found it engaging and enjoyed it ><

It's rly great to hear some love for Kiel hehe (I TOO love tsundere twinks... from takumi fire emblem to bede Pokémon to takeru cxm.. brats? I would die for them. ) Ciel definitely has to shape up so that she can meet his expectations!! And as for Caius... no comment? X) Perhaps you're right to be suspicious ~

For the glitches in the forest, do you remember where/when it happened? We've encountered the one in the bedroom before but unfortunately we're not quite sure how to fix it ;; Thank you for pointing it out though!


Ah, I see you're a person of culture as well.
Twinks are just * chef kiss *

And oh my, I'll keep an eye on Caius then! ~

Yes I remember! It's (in the forest) when you have to look for the bad guy with Kiel and can move freely.
In the right side of the map, there are some parts where there are several segments of black squares, as if something's missing there.
Right from where Kiel and Ciel enter the forest and have a huge trunk on the left, there are also these black squares.
Ah, no problem at all! Glitches are really annoying to deal with.
I'm sure you guys will figure out how to fix it eventually!

AH actually those were blocky "shadows" in the map editor!!! but I do see how it looks a bit strange so I took them off in the editor just now >< it probably looks much more natural now! Thanks again for the feedback <3


You're welcome! <3


I loved every second of the demo. I've always been a fan of the isekai genre and adored both the lore and the characters she meets in this new world. So far, Altair is just my type. Definitely not my idea of a saint lol <3 The MC's personality is also too funny, though I feel for her, especially at the end of the demo. Looking forward to this game's release, as well as all future writing endeavors. Thanks for all of your hard work! >_<

(1 edit)

Yay we're glad you enjoyed it!! Altair would really make a very ... questionable saint X) 

And thank you so much for your support! We appreciate it <3

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Played the demo and loved it ^w^9~ The only thing that bothered me is the last quest about inspecting the forest. (it wasn't easy to see which things to touch tbh aha".) Afterward, otherwise, everything is fine. and I loved the little details like the quests and their awards but also the lore that made me chuckle. The sprites are so adorable and the Cgs are really nice too even from battles aha. Kinda sad ending btw ;^;. (won't spoil it but I wish to take care of the one who gets injured TwT)

Here my ranking about the LI(s) for the moment (it's personal don't take it lol ) :

Kiel*> Rigiel > Altair > Caius 

( *Hope it's not too tsun for my tastes but will see if the full version is def here. ) 

(1 edit)

Oh no, I hope the last quest didn't take too long ;-; Some of our beta testers did find it a bit difficult to navigate it, we'll see what we can do to make it more straightforward!

Anyway, we're really glad you enjoyed it <3 So far we haven't seen many people who like Kiel the best even though he's our artist's favourite ~ 

Thank you for playing and for your lovely comment! :D

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